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• Itchiness in Private parts?

• 2)Stomach Noise?

• 3)Skin Rashes?

• 4)Frequent Urinating?

• 5)Hotness of Body always?

• 6)Headache & Malaria/Typhoid?

• 7)Waste Pains?

• 8)Back Pains and Bone marrow Pains?

• 9)Joints Pains?

• 10)Frequent Sweating?

• 11)Discharge from woman female?

• privates(Some like whitish or mucous?

• 12)Blood stooling & Urinating?

• 13)Light boil?

• 14)Moving sensation round the body?

• 15)Painful sexual Intercourse?

The above symptoms are responsible form The symptoms of Chlaymadia,Gonorrhea,Syphilis and Staph Aureus.


They are dangerous to your health and and health of your health of your partner if it is treated with effective and proven herbal medication at right time.


It can caused dis-comforts life long implications as predisposed you to have HIV.Having aware afro-mentioned symptoms and you are concerned about the changes you noticed in your body System visit Whomp Int'l Centre Alternatives Ltd Lagos Nigeria.



There is good news for those who are suffering from some bacteria diseases and related Symptoms. Call now or whatsapp 08034152029.


Deekah Herbal Capsules well-researched proven medicinal herbal product's for the treatment of any bacteria infection either staph bacteria infection,E-coli,Candidas, Chlaymadia and many more are wagging war against humanity now and It is high time we go back to nature now the mother of morder medicine for permanent cure for Stds.Call us now 08034152029 or 08058563316 Whatsapp 08034152029.


Never under estimated power of nature






Sexual impotence prevent individuals or couple from experiencing satisfaction of sexual activities. Do you know sexual sexual activities requires sexual orientation from an expects if there is anything wrong with your sexual performances after one round you experiences premature ejaculation or poor libido.


Sexual activities is parts of our life believe It for leave it because it was designed by God to be pleasurable in the context of marriage,relationships or otherwise the marriage becomes conflicts and chaos.


Erectile dysfunction is inability of man to sustain or maintains erection properly for normal penetration for sexual pleasure.





Do you experiences these symptoms?


[ ] An Organ release sperm before sexual intercourse ( Premature Ejaculation)

[ ] Sexual inadequacies of all sorts lasted for less than one minute(Poor Libido)

[ ] A big penis who fail to respond to sexual activities.

[ ] Dying of penis at sights of woman virginal.

[ ] An Organ that look so shrink(Very small and tinning)

[ ] Inadequacies of erection to sustain.


To know the factor that responsible for your sexual choas and treatment call Whomp Intel Centre Alternatives Ltd 08034152029.Our product called Dee-bull herbal Plus is the best Natural &Organic products for the best solution.Don't feel ashamed help yourself out.


Spermo-vite herbal capsules is the best treatment for Low Sperm count,watery sperm ,Dead Sperm count,Nill Sperm count .




Have you ever been using some type of medications for the treatment your weak erection, veneral diseases and low or dead sperm count?


And all the drugs you took failed and this ailments still persists?


Our herbal therapy is good for human consumption without any side effects.


100% natural


100%proven effective.


Through our researched we reviewed those bacteria infection and came out with a proven herbal medicine to combact those bacteria and we been a key player to find lasting solution to menace of the Stds that undermind the economic growth of our nation.


Deekah herbal Capsules with Tee&Tee herbal blood cleanser certified herbal Organic herbal products well researched for the final solution or permanent cure for Stds.Call us now 08034152029 or 08058563316 Whatsapp 08034152029.


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infectious diseases that are transmitted from a person to another through sexual contact or blood of an infected person.


The pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa are responsible for the disease transmission. Bacterial STDs are Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Chancroid. Viral STDs include HIV/AIDS, Human papillomavirus, Hepatitis, Genital Herpes. Trichomoniasis is a STD caused by parasitic protozoan.


At Whomp Int'l Centre Alternatives Therapy Ltd protozoa Sexual transmitted diseases is curable with proven herbal medicine.


We commited to save the live of the people and put save their homes because poor knowledge about the STDs lead to increased health issues such as ectopic pregnancies, infertility and sexual impotent.


When it comes to protecting your sexual health, the best offense is a good defense.You should live a very responsible life, your destiny is in your hands because the power to protect your health is in your own hands.


Whomp Int`l, a center of excellence and the best sure in herbal therapy. You have to take a bold step today and give us a call. The efficacy of our products is guarantee. A certified and tested herbal products you can trust for good health and general well-beings.


We all came from nature,live with nature, Nobody can survive without nature. When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost but when life is lost, everything is lost. Health is the greatest wealth.




Whomp Int`L Centre Alternative Therapy

Head Office


28 Ivienagor street, Off Aina Ojodu Berger Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.


Hot lines:+2348034152029, or 080-58563316

E-mail:[email protected]


Whatsapp +2348034152029


hxxp: whompherbs. webs. com/


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