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Our research at Whomp Int'l Centre Alternatives Therapy Ltd,our shows that there are many Sexual transmitted infection which we are harbouring today which is very dangerous to our health and health of our partner without knowing the consequence or the negative impact in our sexual productive life.

Sexually transmitted diseases can affect reproductive health both male and female,most people don’t realize that the reproductive system is the most fragile system in the body. Even if you’re not ready to start a family, you still need to know how to protect your future fertility. You would be surprised at how many people are scared of catching a cold but yet they are not worried about contracting a sexually transmitted infection, something that has great potential to harm one’s reproductive organs and ultimately affect one’s fertility.

Our advice is that be safe in your sexual lifestyle,practicing “safe sex” is an important key in how to prevent infertility.STDs can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can lead to infertility. Abstinence is the safest way to ensure you will not get an STD. Otherwise, stay in a monogamous relationship where you both have been tested for STDs.

Sexually transmitted diseases can and will affect fertility if they are not treated. The two most important ones that affect reproductive health are Gonorrhea and Chlamydia while the danger of Staphlococcus can never be over-emphasized.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that affects both male and female. In females, it can infect the entire female reproductive tract while in males, it affects the urethra.

Females with gonorrhea usually have a greenish-yellow discharge, pelvic pain and pain when urinating. Most men usually show no symptoms (another reason why we must practice safe sex), but those that do usually have painful, smelly, yellowish discharge from the penile opening.

Chlamydia is one of the most common bacterial disease transmitted sexually. It can affect the entire reproductive tract, anus and the eyes.

Most common cause of Chlamydia is unprotected sexual intercourse or having multiple partners. In females, Both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have the ability to cause total blockage of the Fallopian tubes if left untreated. Untreated STDs would most likely progress to a condition known as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which might cause bilateral blockages in women.

This is a far worse condition because there is major scarring and adhesions in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and other reproductive organs caused by untreated bacteria.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is a major cause of infertility and ectopic pregnancy. PID also affects a woman’s pregnancy experience and the well being of her new born. It is imperative that you visit the doctor often to do a full health check including STD screening. Don’t ever wait till you start getting a funny feeling or smelly discharge from your intimate parts.

The truth is you may never get a discharge because most times these sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic; so you might be enjoying life as usual and having fun while your reproductive organs are being damaged on the inside. The decisions you make now can affect you later in life.

It is advisable try to live a very responsive healthy lifestyle and make the right decisions about your sexual behaviours as it has a great impact on overall reproductive health in your life.

A soon as you notice any strange symptom or sign in your system kindly speak with your doctor.Adequate laboratory test will throw or show light on your health status.

How to prevent infertility for men:

We do advise general public to practiae save safe sex because Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia? gonorrhea and Staph can cause scarring and block the sperm passage. Men should practice “safe sex” by staying in a monogamous relationship, wearing condoms or practicing abstinence.

At Whomp Int'l Centre Alternatives Therapy Ltd, we our counselling is free and we are committed to provide safe guide life of our patient.We provide updates adequate information on General well-being.

We counsel our patients about the foods and habits that many trigger the bacteria and and endanger their love life.Whomp Int'l Centre Alternatives Therapy Ltd contribution has bring a multiplier effects in community health transformations and sustainability.To God be the glory !!!

Products for the permanent cure for Heavy growth of Staph infection

Welcome to the Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Herbs Therapy, a herbal medicine clinic dully registered by corporate affair commission in Nigeria. As our name suggests,Wealth health of modern Practitoners(WHOMP) we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health—not just the absence of disease, but a state of vitality and wellness that will allow you to live life to its fullest, no matter what your age.

The Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Herbs Therapy was founded in 1999 by alternative medicine pioneer Dr.AminuKazeem Olawale(O.I.M), MD. Over the past 15 years, we've treated more than 50,000 patients. Some of them came looking for help overcoming serious health challenges such as Infertility,Low and dead sperm count,Staph aureus,Gonorrhea,Candida s,Hepatitis,Syphilis,, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or weak erection. Others hoped to avoid a recommended surgery or reduce their reliance on prescription drugs. Still others simply wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle within our structured, supportive environment. Whatever your reason for considering the Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Herbs Therapy, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals.

Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Herbs Therapy. - based in Lagos Nigeria.We specialize in the research and development of alternative medicine, natural health supplements and remedies. We endeavor to select the most essential formulas from our five thousand year old heritage of Traditional Herbal Medicine. All of our products are appraised by modern science and produced in a very hygiene environment.Dr.Aminu KazeemOlawale(O.I.M) A prolific herbalist, An Integration Coach, a focus and driven visionary leader is the Chair Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Herbs Therapy.

Dr.Aminu Kazeem Olawale(O.I.M)A resourceful Traditional Medicine Practitioners experts,he is consistent devising new and innovation ways of preventing diseases militating against Infertility in Nigeria and world in general. Dr.AminuKazeem Olawale(O.I.M) articulated and a famous & prolific herbal practitioners,He made immense contribution to the development of Herbalism in Nigeria.

He made his efforts to make the herbal medicine to become the toast of people in Africa and world generally.He has redefined Medicine,and have made of it an art of human face.Aminu Kazeem Olawale who understood disease better and his evidence based Medicine has made him the clear leader in the field of Natural Medicine World wide. Under the director of Dr.Aminu KazeemOlawale(O.I.M), a world renowned expert on alternative medicine on infertility.

At Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Herbs Therapy.We have redefined Medicine,and have made of it an art of human face.We understand disease better and Our evidence based Medicine has made us the clear leader in the field of Natural Medicine World wide.

These alternative medicines with unique formulas are distributed within and outside Nigeria through our vast sales network. With extraordinary therapeutic results, our products have been reported and acclaimed with good testimony by quite large number of users.

Our main major herbal products

Dekah Herbal:A newly discovered herbal medicine that boost immune system and fight bacteria infection.It good for treatment Syphilis,Hepatitis ,Staph Aureus.Any related symptoms like itching in private parts blood stooling, Rashes,Worms like movement and hotness of body.

De-Bull Herbal plus:A blended herbal medicine to restore erection and make a man satisfy his wife miraculously.Itgood for sexual weakness,premature ejaculation,lack of sexual urge.it is a complete sex restorer.No side effects.

Tee&Tee herbal formulae.Herbal tonic for metabolic waste material stimulation of liver.It good for Pile, Haemorrhoid, Gastric & Stomach Discounfort.It is good for a woman irregular menstrual period.

Whomp Int`l, a center of excellence and the best sure in herbal therapy. You have to take a bold step today and give us a call.The efficacy of our products is guarantee.A certified and tested herbal products you can trust for good health and general well-beings.

We all came from nature. We live with nature. Nobody can survive without nature.When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost but when life is lost, everything is lost. Health is wealth.

Whomp Int`L Centre Alternative Therapy

Head Office

28 Ivienagor street, Off Aina Ojodu Berger Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Hot lines:+2348034152029 call and whatsapp 08034152029.







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